Aug. 18, 2022

3 strategies for creating B2B content that cuts through the noise w/ Fara Rosenzweig

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Fara Rosenzweig, Head of Content Marketing at WorkRamp, talks with Jeremy about ways to differentiate content.


  • Why a journalistic approach to writing creates strong content and is beneficial in the B2B world
  • How gong calls directly contribute to creating unique content
  • The benefits of doing in-depth research when creating written pieces

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Memorable Quotes:

"My approach and my philosophy to make it different is, I go back to what did I learn early on in my career about making good content when I was working on a magazine and it's, hey, you have to be a good writer, strong writer. Have your sources. Cite your facts. You need to be unbiased."

"You're hearing firsthand what your ideal target audience want and what they need, what their confusions are. So from a marketing standpoint, that's how we can then solve problems."

"Content needs to be of value. You can't just put fluff out there. You can't just make it whatever's going on in your brain. it's not gonna resonate to your target audience."