May 9, 2023

B2B Content Marketing in the metaverse w/ Samantha Lerner

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In this episode of The B2B Content Show, Jeremy Shere interviews Samantha Lerner, Director of Marketing at Obsess, a platform that enables brands to create immersive and engaging virtual stores. Samantha explains how Obsess helps B2B marketers create content experiences and build brand engagement in the metaverse. Plus, she talks about why the metaverse has gotten a bad reputation, the interactivity and visuals you can add to content in a virtual store, and how B2B marketers can use virtual experiences to extend the reach of their events. 


  •  What a virtual store looks like and the benefits of having one
  •  The metaverse as a tool for B2B content marketers
  •  Enhancing content marketing by placing it in an immersive, interactive environment 

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