Sept. 15, 2022

Becoming a go-to information source for your audience w/ Kristin Dorsey

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Kristin Dorsey, VP of Marketing at Linc, talks with Jeremy about creating a go-to informational source for your audience.


  • Why creating a customer experience resource is important for any company in any industry
  • How to effectively implement this idea at the right pace
  • Why creating this resource is important for long-term content strategy

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Memorable Quotes:

"What makes one piece more valuable than the other? Well, to me, it's something where you have something unique to bring to the table, whether it's a unique perspective, whether it's more information, whether it's deeper research, whatever it might be."

"This is not something where you're gonna get thousands of subscribers in week one. This is something that's gonna take some time and grow organically over time. And it's something that needs consistent tending and nurturing and feeding when it comes to content, when it comes to promotion."

"The key there, like I said, is just baby steps and building on successes, instead of diving right in, thinking that you're going to have this fantastic community from day one just because you have good content. You know, it just isn't gonna happen that way."

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