Jan. 3, 2023

Building a framework for measuring content marketing ROI w/ Dan Lawrence

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Dan Lawrence, Head of Growth Marketing at Wrk, talks with Jeremy about building a framework for testing content.


  • Defining "growth marketing," i.e. using data to pinpoint what's working and to keep improving content performance
  • Doing content marketing like a scientist, i.e. building out hypotheses, running experiments, and measuring hypotheses against the data
  • How to build a framework to test hypotheses

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Memorable Quotes:

"It's constantly building out hypotheses based off of what the goals are. And what the growth levers are that you need to pull based off of attaining those goals. And then really you're analyzing data after this, after you run experiments and seeing what works, what doesn't work, gathering feedback and then using that feedback to implement more permanent structures so you can build growth on top of that next"

"You draw out the entire customer life cycle and you map off the touchpoints of a customer life cycle and you sit down as a leadership team and and you figure out areas that you believe from an assumption or hypothesis perspective that could increase conversions or could help you get quicker to your goal as soon as possible"

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