Sept. 8, 2022

Building a marketing tech stack from the ground up w/ Allison Jones

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Allison Jones, VP of Marketing at Raintree Systems, talks with Jeremy about building out your marketing tech infrastructure.


  • Assessing your tech stack needs when joining an established organization with little to no tech infrastructure
  • How to evaluate which apps best suit your needs
  • Tips for making a business case for marketing tech at a company that hasn't invested in it before

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Memorable Quotes:

"So we got some of those baseline tools in place and then it was about, okay, what else do we need from a tech stack perspective? Really what it became from there was a discussion about what do we want to achieve from a marketing strategy perspective? What are our goals? What are we trying to accomplish? What do we wanna achieve? How are we gonna get there? What types of programs are we gonna deploy? What's our budget?"

"I think also a really good thing to do is when you're working with vendors, ask them for references and then actually calling those references and having a conversation with them and asking for their firsthand experience. And most of those folks will be very open with you about how it's going on their end. Most of them are willing to share their ROI with it, especially if they're having a really, really good experience with it."

"Bring in one thing first, master that, and then bring in the next thing. Um, because bringing too many things in at once is a recipe for failure. It does take a long time, uh, to bring those tools in, get them implemented, get them set up the way they need to be, make sure it's, you know, the team is comfortable with it, everything's functioning the way it should be."

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