Nov. 16, 2022

Building a narrative category w/ Erika Childers

Erika Childers, Director of Content & Brand at, talks with Jeremy about building a category narrative.


  • What building a category narrative entails
  • How category narrative compares to thought leadership
  • Why feedback is an important part of the evolution of building a category narrative

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Memorable Quotes:

"Category narrative is really the bigger story that you're telling about quite literally the category that you're creating that doesn't exist."

"It's really taking a look at what the world has been like without this category or, for disruptors, kind of why the status quo is no longer working and then really building a vision of what it will look like in the future."

"If you have a unique voice or a position on something, you can create thought leadership content that tells sort of a bigger story. Maybe it's more visionary, but the two aren't exactly the same. I think category narrative is a form of thought leadership, but it takes on a much bigger point of view of the market."

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