Nov. 1, 2022

Centering your company's mission w/ Kellie Walenciak

Kellie Walenciak, Head of Global Marketing & Communications at Televerde, talks with Jeremy about fusing your content marketing strategy with your company's mission.


  • How including your purpose in your marketing strategy can lead to unique content
  • Why showing your purpose through content can improve business outcomes
  • Balancing strong purpose with your business proposition when creating content

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Memorable Quotes:

" We wanna know that the work we're doing has meaning. We want it in our personal lives, but I think to an increasing degree, we're seeing it in people wanting to have that as consumers as well."

"So when companies are talking about purpose, we're kind of coming in as a partner and helping them build that kind of purpose driven partner ecosystem that's so important because companies are being looked at very differently."

"It's always that leading with what it is we do and how we can drive business results and how we deliver exceptional services. And also we have this incredible team that's working with you, becoming an extension of your sales and marketing team. And by the way, you are helping them change their lives."

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