July 21, 2022

Coming up with strong content topics w/ Andy Lavelle

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Andy Lavelle, Director of Demand Gen at ZeroCater, talks with Jeremy about generating strong content ideas.


  • How coming up with quality ideas contributes to optimized SEO
  • How to overcome creative blocks
  • Pros and cons of working with a content agency vs. producing content in-house

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Memorable Quotes:

"There's no shortcut, right? There's only one way to outrank or, you know, provide better content and that's by creating better content."

"Google can cut through the noise and there's no shortcuts except creating good content."

"Sometimes it's as easy as if you're number two, number three, number 10 in the market, look at your competitors, see what they're doing. Do it better. If there's a weak piece of content that you think you can out-rank them for, create a better piece. Don't reinvent the wheel, look at what they're doing and do it better."