Aug. 10, 2022

Content as a growth engine w/ David Howard

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David Howard, VP of Marketing at BuzzBoard, talks with Jeremy about content as a growth engine .


  • How content is the core element of engaging prospects
  • Maximizing content to maximize growth
  • Strategies for "shattering" pillar content to produce even more content
  • Why surveys are awesome for producing original content

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Memorable Quotes:

"It's about reaching people on multiple channels, right? Just saturation, I'm gonna saturate every channel, but it's also about reaching people because people don't always integrate information the same. So you have to offer information in different ways."

"Every piece of content, point of origin, starts with a blank page."

"We have to educate them. Whatever they're doing before is the worst thing in the world. What we are doing and offering now best thing in the world. So you have to convince them of that."