Aug. 30, 2022

Creating content about a topic you're not an expert in w/ Jon Gitlin

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Jon Gitlin, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Workato, talks with Jeremy about creating content about a subject you don't have a strong background in.


  • Tips for finding the right people to educate you on pretty much any topic you need to learn about
  • How to you talk to subject matter experts and get them to tell you what you need to know
  • Why having an appetite for learning is valuable for content marketers

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Memorable Quotes:

"Ultimately, I think this is like a competitive differentiator for me in terms of like the content I'm able to produce. Without these folks, I'm basically forced to read existing articles from our competitors and basically regurgitate what's already out there. So this is really my ability to create something that's differentiated and way more valuable."

"This individual is also very patient. Like I don't have an anxiety around asking him like, quote unquote, stupid questions. I know that he'll kind of be empathetic to my situation and that also helps a lot in terms of like my confidence to be able to ask questions."

"I think part of being a good content marketer is having an appetite for learning."

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