Nov. 30, 2022

Creating courageous content w/ John Perry

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John Perry, VP of Marketing & Communications at AutoGrid, talks with Jeremy about creating courageous content.


  • The benefits of creating courageous content
  • Why people are afraid to take a chances with content
  • Strategies for balancing the risks and the rewards of creating this type of content

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Memorable Quotes:

"It's that kind of part of the story that I think sometimes we would pull back from as marketers or communicators, but that we really should be leaning into."

"I think sometimes we tend to hedge our bets a little too strongly and we all end up sounding very similar or the same."

"We have this kind of herd mentality as corporate communicators and marketers and we tend to look around and say the things that we know aren't gonna get us into hot water. And we often, I think, find ourselves in kind of communications environments that tend to mythologize the great mistakes."

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