June 16, 2021

DE&I Engagement Strategies w/ Coltrane Stansbury

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Jeremy Shere, founder & CEO of Tribal knowledge Podcasting, talks with Coltrane Stansbury, VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Macmillan Learning about the role that internal communications and employee engagement play in the success of DE&I programs.

 Stuff we discuss:

  • How to create an atmosphere where all employees can express opinions and ask questions concerning DE&I without fear of being shouted down or fired
  •  How Coltrane partners with the internal comms team to craft messaging aimed at including and engaging all employees
  • The biggest challenge in getting DE&I initiatives off the ground
  • The importance of demonstrating how DE&I positively impacts the bottom line
  • Coltrane’s advice for DE&I leaders building the function from the ground up

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