Dec. 1, 2022

Developing a strategic narrative w/ Chuck Moxley

Chuck Moxley, Global Head of Marketing at Blue Triangle, talks with Jeremy about creating a strategic narrative.


  • What "strategic narrative" means
  • The value of a strategic narrative for defining your company's story
  • 5 steps for developing a strategic narrative 

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Memorable Quotes:

"It's not really a consumer construct, that's kind of different in the way you compete. But it works best when you have a very crowded market, when you have a lot of players, lots of confusion."

"It's that old game versus new game and then you have to show that your competitors, the bulk of them, are still playing the old game. The game is changed. We were built for the new game. That's why we're right."

"What's changed in the world? A big change in the world that's affecting your customers, again, has nothing to do with your product at this point. You're just trying to understand what's different for your buyers."

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