Nov. 8, 2022

Developing a unique content voice w/ Jack Foster

Jack Foster, VP of Marketing at WorkRamp, talks with Jeremy about discovering your unique content voice.


  • Combining your mission with the voices of your customers to create your unique voice
  • Melding content ideas with your voice
  • How establishing a voice ensures continuity

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Memorable Quotes:

"So kind of taking all these inputs, customer insights, what sales is talking about, insights they're getting from prospects and customers, subject matter expertise, and then we figure out the best way to go out and kind of answer those questions or put out a point of view on it."

"I think it's super important to use the language that your customers and prospects are using because then it is more credible."

"We look for those types of opportunities where it's like, okay, we know this is a challenge, how are people actually talking about this and how can we bring that through?"

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