Sept. 29, 2022

Educating your audience about a problem they don't know they have w/ Steve Hoechster

Steve Hoechster, Director of Content & Communications at Stensul, talks with Jeremy about educating your audience on a problem they don't know they have.


  • Strategies for educating your market on a problem they need to be aware of
  • How to effectively speak to your audience using their language
  • How to bring your audience information without underestimating their intelligence


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Memorable Quotes:

"Help them understand what they're doing takes too much time. It's too complicated. It's just too hard and it doesn't need to be."

"You don't wanna suggest to them that they don't know something or they don't know how to do something, right? You know, ignorance or lack of knowledge does not make you less intelligent, it just makes you less informed."

"Sometimes the best conversations involve challenge. If I put something forward to you, that challenges your thinking, I'm then expected to provide, for want of a better term, a logical argument to support my point of view."

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