July 26, 2022

Educating your audience about a new concept w/ Julie Neumann

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Julie Neumann, VP of Marketing at Testlio, talks with Jeremy about educating your market about a new concept.


  • Strategies for introducing a new concept
  • Traditional and non-traditional ways to measure the success of introducing new ideas
  • Pushing consistency while allowing for an idea to adapt to market needs

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Memorable quotes:

"Once you start using a term, use that term. Get it in there. Don't have conflicts in your messaging. Really start to think about like, okay if we're going to take this new idea to market, how are we consistently talking about it?"

"I think that the number one, like is this a winning idea and are you getting traction, is can you get customers to start using it?"

"Be a little bit flexible too on the back end. Get consistency of your terminology, but then, you know, these things can kind of have a life of their own so how do you wanna adapt? As you see stuff being picked up in different ways, how do you change and look at that and let it grow on its own a little bit?"