July 13, 2022

Educating your audience about a new concept w/ Warren Sukernek

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Warren Sukernek, VP of Marketing at FloCareer, talks with Jeremy about educating the market on a new concept.


  • The main challenges of introducing Interview as a Service into the US market
  • Addressing the concerns of talent acquisition professionals
  • Which techniques work best to educate the market

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Memorable Quotes:

"I think if a TA professional really thinks that we are competitive, they quickly change their tune when they feel the value we can provide and the help that we offer to them."

"I think we're seeing more adoption of the term or recognition of the term with prospects and clients that we speak to and they're recognizing what that means."

"My focus is really on building out our market stack and infrastructure that can deliver brand awareness, recognition, and ultimately, resulting in a strong pipeline."