July 27, 2022

Helping audiences visualize non-visual tech w/ Ben Brown

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Ben Brown, VP of Marketing at ConverseNow, talks with Jeremy about helping his audience visualize non-visual tech. 


  • Strategies for introducing a new concept to market
  • Giving value to non-visual tech
  • Measuring ROI on non-visual tech

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Memorable Quotes:

"It's about having people understand, okay, what am I missing out on by not having this technology in my restaurant?"

"Our overall strategic approach is being able to identify terms and topics that people are already searching for because people just simply aren't as aware of voice AI."

"A visualization of how it's all gonna work in a way that's really easy to digest using language that's much easier to understand, avoiding jargon, and just making things tow the line between making it extremely approachable, but at the same time sophisticated to show this is gonna propel you into the future."