Aug. 31, 2022

How an eye doctor uses podcasting to educate and retain patients w/ Katia Carpio

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Katia Carpio, Marketing Director at Visionary Eye Doctors, talks with Jeremy about how she uses podcasting to educate and engage patients and bolster patient retention.


  • Effectively combining emotion and facts to captivate your audience
  • Why word of mouth is the best podcast promotion "channel"
  • How podcasting contributes to forging stronger relationships with your patients

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Memorable Quotes:

"She wanted to provide her patients a way to basically have them listen without having to sit in the waiting room and come in for a visit and learn about these things and having to sit there for like 30 minutes and listen to her tell them about all these treatments, which can be very confusing for people, especially if you're just getting all of this information at once."

"It's really interesting how, when she conducts the conversation, even when it's just by herself, she's answering the questions that most patients ask when they come in to see her. So I think that's what's really made it different. It's almost like she's having a conversation with you and you're the one in the examination chair and she's just explaining it and going through the steps."

"We have it on our website and then we tell patients about it that are, you know, in the office when patients wanna learn more, they're like oh where can I learn more about these things? Well, we direct them to the podcast."

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