Aug. 23, 2022

How communicating your mission builds brand trust w/ Angella Nguyen

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Angella Nguyen, VP of Marketing at Nice Healthcare, talks with Jeremy about creating a strong brand mission.


  • Tips for highlighting your brand's mission in your messaging
  • Why buy-in from leadership is so crucial for building a trusted brand
  • Why building brand trust is harder than ever and why it matters more than ever

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Memorable Quotes:

"Be it the founder, be it the mission, something needs to be the north star to kind of guide what the brand is in execution".

"Quite honestly, our patient audience is not all us. It is people that we may not even necessarily think about in terms of your traditional archetype customer profile."

"I think if you are a founder or trying to do a thing with your business, if that mission, if that solution is very personal to you, your family or community or whatnot, that makes it all the more powerful because it feels lived in and you see that like, okay, this is not just a arbitrage or like a power play of trying to get profits."

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