Oct. 6, 2022

How the buyer experience affects content strategy w/ Mary Gilbert

Mary Gilbert, CMO at Folloze, talks with Jeremy about the role of buyer experience in content strategy.


  • How the relationship between the experience engine and content engine drives a rich buyer journey
  • Different content engine methods and how to know when to use them
  • Where data gathering may be currently underutilized

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Memorable Quotes:

"The content engine really combines persona, account data, opportunity stage, and behavior insights to deliver the best content based on the buyer stage and behavior. So it basically takes all that guesswork out of content strategy and delivery."

"That experience engine is really designed to give them a tool that allows them to know where that customer is, know what they're interested in, know what they've been doing, and create a really exceptional experience. Whether it be a landing page or an event resource or an event page or a, you know, partner portal, but to be able to really be efficient and effective and not have to stand in line with the web team or the digital marketing team to get their content executed."

"People are still so dependent on that website, but the reality is that 90% of digital content is delivered outside of the website."

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