Nov. 23, 2022

How to manage merged marketing teams w/ Jason Cardillo

Jason Cardillo, VP of Experience and Digital Marketing at Emplifi, talks with Jeremy about managing a merger of teams as a marketing leader.


  • Why it's important to keep roles and priorities clear during a merger
  • How to maintain strong communication working with a remote team
  • The importance of flexibility during a merger

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Memorable Quotes:

"No matter how well you do a merger, there's always going to be some chaos in that environment, a lot of it from outside where you are. So as people leaders, right, we need to think about, you know, how do we keep stability for our team?"

"Having people like that in your team, who are willing to listen, willing to learn, willing to try new things, is really valuable and that's really helped us get to probably even a better process than, you know, either side of the house had had before."

"All things being equal, we will always pick the candidate that is more open-minded and more flexible because the world's gonna change, right? And you need to have that flexibility built-in to be able to adapt to new environments."

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