Sept. 21, 2022

How to use "conversation tracks" to supercharge your content marketing strategy w/ Bridget Bell

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Bridget Bell, VP of Communications at IronNet, talks with Jeremy about creating content conversation tracks.


  • What a "conversation track" is
  • How conversations tracks can enhance your content marketing strategy
  • Finding a balance between content marketing and simply creating conversation

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Memorable Quotes:

"At IronNet, we did this to say for each of our personas, what type of content do we need to have them coming back for more? And so it was defining over 60 pieces of content that mapped out to each portion of those conversations so that it would be let's start here. "

"Our best performing content is really the thought leadership content that does not directly tie to IronNet. So we understand what content they're looking for to start that conversation."

"I'd say the one word that I would really use to describe the content that we try to produce is authentic because we wanna have authentic content out there that our audience is interested in and will spur those conversations."

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