Jan. 4, 2023

Humanizing a highly technical topic w/ Ryan Raiker

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Ryan Raiker, Vice President of Marketing at AYR, talks with Jeremy about humanizing a highly technical/scary topic.


  • Why the company changed its name from Singularity Systems to AYR (Are You Ready)
  • Tips for developing messaging that connects with your audience's emotions, not just their intellect

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Memorable Quotes:

"Most people actually look at themselves as an important cog in the wheel of technology. They're not just looking at performing mundane tasks or looking to build technology from a, just a technical perspective, pretty much everyone is looking to make an impact in the world, in their employer, their work and really having an emotional connection to work."

"It's kind of like finding that passion, finding that purpose. Most folks want to have a desire to go to work, not to just sit in a chair and kind of crunch numbers or perform codes. So even the most technical people really get behind the idea  that AI can transform the world"