July 4, 2022

Lead gen and sales collaboration w/ Frank Schieber

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Frank Schieber, Senior Demand Gen Manager at Core, talks with Jeremy about the importance of collaboration between sales and lead gen.


  • Why sales and lead gen need strong communication to collaborate
  • Dealing with the "messy middle" of a sales cylce
  • Finding the line between keeping a prospect engaged and overwhelming them with content

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Memorable quotes:

"Every role I've ever had (in demand gen) has been collaborative and it lives and dies by the level of collaboration  and the willingness of others to collaborate."

"Marketing executives want silver bullets. They don't exist. You've got to tackle things from a portfolio approach and engage accordingly."

"The message is very clear, efficient, easy to read, and not egotistical. Everything's going to serve a purpose that's going to help them. Otherwise, it's just wasting their time."