Aug. 2, 2022

Maximizing the value of your company LinkedIn page w/ Liam Whalen

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 Liam Whalen, VP of Marketing and Communications at 6AM City, talks with Jeremy about maximizing value on your company's LinkedIn page.


  • Liam's 4-pillar approach to LinkedIn marketing
  • Enabling and encouraging company leaders and employees to be active on LinkedIn
  • The importance of having a LinkedIn strategy to organize content and posting schedules

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Memorable Quotes:

"Create a base and see what the current landscape is. Do your research into it because of course every single social outlet, every single marketing execution is so vastly different. It's so unique in its own individual way. And LinkedIn is its own individual thing."

"We actually celebrate and we encourage our employees to really be active on there and to celebrate the wins. Of course, we are never telling you, hey, post this or be engaged. No, we want them to feel compelled to engage with our content. If they engage with us, it shows the pride they have in their roles and what they do for the company, that feel like they're making a true impact."

"It's easy to talk all day about what you're going to do, but unless you have that plan laid out for the next 30, 60, 90 days, so you know exactly what's gonna be coming down the pipeline, then it's not gonna be successful."