Oct. 26, 2022

Scaling B2B marketing content across various regions w/ Pam Didner

Pam Didner, a B2B marketing consultant, producer and writer, talks with Jeremy about scaling content across different regions.


  • What scaling content across regions actually means
  • When to simply translate content and when to completely rework it
  • Strategies for communicating and collaborating with content teams in other regions

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Memorable Quotes:

" I want to talk about it from two different layers, if you will. One is kind of, how to work with your counterpart at geographies. The other one is really, you know, what are the types of content that you need to be aware to scale."

"We modify the messaging and once you modify the messaging, everything's trickling down."

"I don't believe that the ownership of content should be 100% corporate or 100%, say, at the geography level because if each geo creates their own content and they don't necessarily have a central force to have it communicate, it creates a lot of duplication and also inefficiency."

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