Aug. 4, 2022

Starting big to go small w/ Mark Bliss

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Mark Bliss, Senior Vice President of Marketing at DNSFilter, talks with Jeremy about starting big to go small.


  • Why it makes sense to prioritize the biggest marketing assets
  • How Mark and his team repurposed a virtual conference into dozens of pieces of content
  • The folly of smaller brands trying to mimic the content strategy of enterprise brands

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Memorable Quotes:

"You only have so much marketing brain power to go around. Some teams are smaller than others but even the giant organizations with a huge brain trust of content marketers, you only have so much marketing brain power. And so when I talk about, you know, big to go small it's saying that let's focus and prioritize the biggest assets because we can create smaller assets off of those."

"It enables you to kind of cross-pollinate a little bit easier because you took this big item and you broke it into smaller sections which can be a foot in the door."

"I think that there is this understanding that somehow came to be that in order to sell to enterprise, you need to act like the big brands in your space. When in reality, enterprise buyers aren't coming to buy from you because you're exactly like the big dog that they would normally just buy from. You know, they're not looking for that. They don't want the diet version of that. They want something new, something interesting."