Nov. 9, 2022

Strategies for creating effective video content across the funnel w/ Rish Bhandari

Rish Bhandari, Founder and CEO of Content Beta, talks with Jeremy about strategies for creating video content across the funnel.



  • Why a company spokesperson can add value to top of funnel content
  • Why different stages of the funnel require different video content
  • How to sustain the quality of your video content throughout the funnel and beyond

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Memorable Quotes:

"No longer the features are going to separate you A versus B, right? Nobody's gonna say, hey, A has more features than B. We will always catch up, maybe a month or two later. But what they can't copy is the way they acquire customers, the way they make them feel, the way they retain them, right?"

"Content plays a key role in order to communicate with customers even beyond your product."

"I see a lot of people focusing on, hey, this is what I am. What I see missing is the story part, right? I mean, videos are videos because they connect emotionally and it's very engaging. And the way to continuously capture that attention is by telling them a story, right?"

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