Dec. 6, 2022

Strategies for getting maximum value on LinkedIn w/ Steve Watt

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Steve Watt, Director of Market Insights at Seismic, talks with Jeremy about the value companies get from employees being active on LinkedIn.


  • Why companies should encourage individuals to be active on LinkedIn
  • What scares companies about their employees sharing personal thoughts on social channels
  • The way platforms like LinkedIn are shaping the future of marketing

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Memorable Quotes:

"Really showing up and speaking up authentically on LinkedIn has been huge for me. I mean, it has accelerated my career. It's brought in business to my employer."

"I like to say it's the world's greatest ongoing business conversation and yeah it's amazing what happens when you embrace that mindset. You start to do everything different."

"There's no one right way, other than to say be a human and try to be helpful."

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