Sept. 27, 2022

Strategies for success with branded podcasts w/ Emma Calderon

Emma Calderon, Senior Director of Communications and Content Marketing at Qualified, talks with Jeremy about B2B podcasting strategies.


  • Strategies for producing and maintaining podcasts
  • Creating podcasts that are uniquely your company's voice
  • Why a good host is crucial to creating a successful podcast

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Memorable Quotes:

"100%, no question in my mind, consistency. Come hell or high water, commit to your release schedule because that's really how you build that like audience and listenership muscle."

"Getting clear, like laser focused on one strategy, will help kind of create like the baseline to get iterative as you grow."

"I think it all comes back down to intention. And so if you have a message or something that you want to educate on or something that you can entertain with, then I think you go for it."

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