Oct. 19, 2022

The marketing value of sharing original data w/ Oliver Gelles

Oliver Gelles, Chief Marketing Officer at OrthoFi, talks with Jeremy about sharing data and information as a content marketing strategy.


  • How sharing data can establish your company as an authority in your space
  • How to compel other companies to use your data
  • Tips for developing a plan to share data and becoming a trusted authority

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Memorable Quotes:

"Our strategy of building our brand has been around establishing ourselves as an authority. So we believe that we can actually improve outcomes, but in order to say, you can improve outcomes, you need to show what the before and the benchmark is and what the out outcomes are. And so we believe that we establish our authority by using data and establishing credibility."

"It is one of our brand features is that everyone knows that we know all the data and that has driven a lot of indirect traffic back to us. Not just the traditional outbound, you know, sales and marketing effort and then response. But really that halo back to us, along with a whole number of other things."

" If you have a product, and whether it's direct function or it's indirect function is to gather all kinds of actual data, consumer behavior data, anything like that, I believe that you can leverage it positively, not by being selfish, but being selfless." 

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