Sept. 1, 2022

The role of content marketers during a rebrand w/ Karen Scates

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Karen Scates, Director of Content Marketing at SoundHound, talks with Jeremy about the role of content marketers during a rebrand.


  • How content marketers can contribute to a rebrand by basing messaging on data 
  • The obvious but too often overlooked importance of rebuilding the brand around the needs and interests of your key audience
  • Repurposing old content vs. creating new content during a rebrand

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Memorable Quotes:

"Regardless of why you're rebranding, it's going to be important that the content marketing group be involved because you're gonna carry the message, right? Whatever the rebrand is, whatever the purpose is for it, you're going to be the ones who are really making that transition happen and carrying that message."

"I think the other thing that happens is the content team really needs to be looking at what content has been developed before the rebrand, and in some cases there might be a need to really retire something. But, even if you're going to retire something, make sure there's a redirect to something new. But I think there's a lot more value actually in going back through that old content and seeing how you can refresh it to sort of live again within your new rebranded space."

"Regardless if it's a rebrand or just a new content strategy, knowing who your audience is and understanding what they want to know and speaking to them, answering their questions instead of using your content as a megaphone for what you want the audience to know about you, what you want the industry to know about you, really providing that value and being that trusted source for people to go to when they have a question."

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