Feb. 14, 2023

Tips for creating a "State of the Industry" report w/ Susan Tormollen

Susan Tormollen, VP Marketing at PlanHub , talks with Jeremy about tips for creating a "State of the Industry" report.


  • Why State of the Industry reports are such valuable types of content that deliver significant ROI
  • How Susan's team produces Planhub's State of the Industry report and promotes it
  • Strategies for gathering data for the report
  • Using your point of view as a hook

Memorable quotes:

"I think the value is, there's multiple layers to it. The value to the people who read it is everybody is interested in what's going on in their industry. What are the trends? Are they the same as the rest of the industry? Are they different? What should they prepare for? So from a consumer standpoint, consumer as in the person that reads it, it's valuable and it's one of the top types of content that people will download or they'll attend a webinar for"

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