Sept. 13, 2022

Tips for creating an engaging "content experience" w/ Sarah Frazier

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Sarah Frazier, Head of Content Marketing at CyberGRX, talks with Jeremy about creating a "content experience".


  • How to construct a successful "content experience"
  • Incorporating new and revitalized content into your strategy
  • Why knowing your audiences' needs is crucial for creating the most effective content

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Memorable Quotes:

"Content is also an extension of your brand and it represents your brand. If your brand claims to be really innovative and your content is dry and boring, that does not work with your brand's message."

"We're human. We search based on our problems, we search based on our interests. And so your content experience on your website should reflect that too."

"You have to know your target audience, you have to kind of get inside their head. What are they thinking about? What do they wanna know most about? And so often I think that's a mistake sometimes that brands will make or even content creators will make of talking about, you know, what does my brand want to tell someone or what's my corporate objective, instead of thinking about what does the audience wanna know?"

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