Sept. 20, 2022

Tips for creating an exceptional content experience for your audience w/ Fahad Muhammad

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Fahad Muhammad, VP of Marketing at Daylight, talks with Jeremy about creating a vibrant content experience.


  • Why "content experience" matters for cutting through the noise and getting traction with your audience
  • The value of creating content with a "quality over quantity" mindset
  • Why you shouldn't copy the content styles of larger successful companies

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Memorable Quotes:

"That's what we're all shooting for from a marketing perspective is to bring them back, to have them consume more with the idea of the more they consume, the more educated they get, the more informed they get about the product and the problems that that particular solution's trying to solve and eventually turn them into buyers."

"It all boils down to who you're creating the content for and who you are trying to engage. An engineer is very different than a VP of innovation. A fleet company is very different than, you know, a fortune 100 bank. So understanding who you are creating the content for, who you're trying to engage, basically defines the variables that you, from a marketing and content marketing perspective, should be playing with." 

"The consistency element is also important. No brand wants to be known for things that they're doing that there's no consistency to them, whether it's in what they're producing every month is different or tone starts to change. And then there's no brand identity. There's no anchor for that brand to be like this is what it stands for. So consistency is important. Within the consistency, there is experimentation and that experimentation is tied to looking at what is the modern day consumer's mindset."

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