Aug. 24, 2022

Tips for creating long-form content that keeps your audience engaged w/ Sean McCarron

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Sean McCarron, VP of Marketing at LeaseLock, talks with Jeremy about writing worthwhile long-form content.


  • How producing long-form content can positively impact the sales cycle
  • Avoiding fluff in long-form content
  • The crucial role pacing plays in creating long-form content

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Memorable Quotes:

"Figuring out how much time and space to sort of dedicate to a topic, it is sort of that art of marketing. That art of good content and good pacing."

"I certainly, you know, as a marketer myself, when I fill out a form and I download something and the content is light or full of fluff, that leaves a lasting impression. Like I feel the bait and switch."

"I feel like our formats are always, you know, kind of changing. It's really, are you treating the topic that you're talking about with enough space for a listener, a reader, a watcher, a viewer, to think about their own thoughts about the topic? And if so, I would sort of consider that reflective or evaluative process as a key characteristic of long form content versus short form."

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