Nov. 10, 2022

To gate or not to gate content? w/ Jim Hopkins

Jim Hopkins, Revenue Architect at Winning by Design, talks with Jeremy about why gating content isn't working.


  • Reasons gating content is not effective
  • Going for quality over quantity in lead generation
  • How to know if your content is working without gating

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Memorable Quotes:

"They don't care about making you look good to your boss. They don't care about keeping your SDRs busy. In fact, they would prefer that your SDRs were not busy and not bothering them. So yeah, I think there's just a disconnect between what we want as marketers and what buyers want ultimately."

"Ultimately, I think what we've seen, what I've seen in my history, what most marketers probably have seen, because it misaligns with buyer's preferences, they do things to kind of subvert process."

"When you gate content, you're asking for something before you've even given them anything." 

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