Sept. 22, 2022

Why you need a content strategy and how to build one w/ Jessica Vose

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Jessica Vose, Vice President of Growth Marketing at Zimperium, talks with Jeremy about devising a content strategy.


  • Why you should complete a gap analysis to build the foundation of your content strategy
  • How to decide what types of content would be most effective for your organization
  • The importance of internal communication when developing a marketing strategy

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Memorable Quotes:

"If you don't actually look at it from the bird's eye view of how that content is serving your business goals, where it's going, what it's saying, to whom is it answering, you know, the issues and the questions that those people are facing, then you're missing the mark."

"I think when you're getting started with content strategy, doing that inventory, doing that taxonomy is really fundamentally important to being able to proceed with a lot of good information on what needs to be done."

"I feel like on a weekly basis I'm having to educate and re-educate folks on like, okay, but remember, we've talked about this and these are the programs we're running with these themes to meet these business challenges with these value propositions for these audiences. So I do it from that angle and I remind them, you know, here's the plan that I have shared with you."

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