The B2B Content Show - The How, What, and Why of B2B Content Marketing Strategy

For B2B marketers, content is KING.

In this show, we explore the art & science, the opportunities and challenges, of B2B content marketing and content marketing strategy, including:
-What makes some content "sticky" and other content entirely forgettable
-Scaling content without sacrificing authenticity and originality
-Creating content with a point of view
-Producing thought leadership content that actually leads
-Repurposing content
-Measuring content ROI
And much more!

Recent Episodes

Educating your audience about a problem they don't know they have w/ Steve Hoechster

Sept. 29, 2022

Steve Hoechster, Director of Content & Communications at Stensul, talks with Jeremy about educating your audience on a problem they don't know they have. Highlights: Strategies for educating your market on a problem they nee…

Strategies for effective video marketing w/ Caroline Dunn

Sept. 28, 2022

Caroline Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at Wahsega, talks with Jeremy about video marketing strategies. Highlights: Reasons people perceive video marketing as daunting Simple first steps for producing video content in-hou…

Strategies for success with branded podcasts w/ Emma Calderon

Sept. 27, 2022

Emma Calderon, Senior Director of Communications and Content Marketing at Qualified, talks with Jeremy about B2B podcasting strategies. Highlights: Strategies for producing and maintaining podcasts Creating podcasts that are…

Why you need a content strategy and how to build one w/ Jessica Vose

Sept. 22, 2022

Jessica Vose, Vice President of Growth Marketing at Zimperium, talks with Jeremy about devising a content strategy. Highlights: Why you should complete a gap analysis to build the foundation of your content strategy How to d…

How to use "conversation tracks" to supercharge your content marketing strategy w/ Bridget Bell

Sept. 21, 2022

Bridget Bell, VP of Communications at IronNet, talks with Jeremy about creating content conversation tracks. Highlights: What a "conversation track" is How conversations tracks can enhance your content marketing strategy Fin…

Tips for creating an exceptional content experience for your audience w/ Fahad Muhammad

Sept. 20, 2022

Fahad Muhammad, VP of Marketing at Daylight, talks with Jeremy about creating a vibrant content experience. Highlights: Why "content experience" matters for cutting through the noise and getting traction with your audience T…

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Jeremy Shere is founder and CEO of Connversa, a B2B podcast production agency that helps B2B brands connect with decision makers, generate TONS of content, and establish thought leadership.