About The B2B Content Show

If you do B2B content marketing, you know that Content is King! And queen, prince, duke, duchess--the whole damn court!

Bottom line, for B2B marketers, content and content strategy are crucial.

In this show, we explore the art & science, the opportunities and challenges, of B2B content marketing strategy, including:

-What makes some B2B content "sticky" and other content entirely forgettable

-Why some B2B content marketing strategies are stronger than others

-Scaling content without sacrificing authenticity and originality

-Creating B2B content with a point of view

-Producing thought leadership content that actually leads

-Repurposing B2B content

-Measuring content ROI

Join me, Jeremy Shere, as I discuss these and many more important and fascinating topics with B2B marketers, demand generation and growth professionals, and content marketing leaders from across the B2B landscape.

About the Host

Jeremy ShereProfile Photo

Jeremy Shere

Founder & CEO

Jeremy Shere is founder and CEO of Connversa, a B2B podcast production agency that helps B2B brands connect with decision makers, generate TONS of content, and establish thought leadership.