Nov. 15, 2022

Avoiding content chaos w/ Tania German

Tania German, Director of Marketing at seoClarity, talks with Jeremy about avoiding content chaos.


  • What creating content with unique value actually means
  • Leveraging your company's expertise to avoid content chaos
  • How focusing in our your target audience allows you to create more unique and meaningful content

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Memorable Quotes:

"Really the depth of that data and how that surfaces those actions you need and the uniqueness to help you develop that quality content that doesn't create this idea or this concept that we kind of have of content chaos. Just creating content that everyone else has already created to try to rank better than them in the search results."

"We set our objective to really understand what our target audience demands or what they're really looking for. You know, there are billions of searches every day and we're looking to try to find out who our target audience is and what they are looking for."

"There's just too much content on the internet for the user to consume, even your target audience."

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