Jan. 17, 2023

Creating content aimed at enterprises w/ Cynthia Stephens

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Cynthia Stephens, Vice President of Marketing at Advisor360°, talks with Jeremy about creating content aimed at enterprises.


  • Three things that set marketing to enterprises apart from marketing to small accounts: personalization, perspective, partner ecosystem
  • Personalizing content for multiple personas within an enterprise account
  • How marketers can partner with sales to build relationships with enterprise prospects

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Memorable Quotes:

"For me, there are three things that really set apart enterprise class storytelling from the content marketing and storytelling to maybe an SMB. So one is personalization, the second is perspective, and the third is really the partner ecosystem."

" Think about your partner marketing ecosystem and think about ways that you can kind of help build and leverage a community of these complimentary firms, right, where they're offering complimentary services to your audience, and really help use that as a way to create thought leadership and expand brand awareness"

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