Oct. 27, 2022

Educating your audience about a problem they're not yet aware of w/ Jacob Warren

Jacob Warren, Head of Marketing at Waratek, talks with Jeremy about creating awareness of a problem to create demand for your product.


  • Why it is important to have a strong grasp on who your target audience is
  • How to approach educating your audience on a solution for a problem they don't think is fixable
  • Why hiring a subject matter expert can boost your content's value

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Memorable Quotes:

"We are approaching the education from a jobs to be done perspective. So the jobs to be done for a decision maker is going to be drastically different from a practitioner and the things that they care about. Because of those, jobs to be done are also going to be different."

"The content that you write to generate leads isn't necessarily the content that you write to create demand for a category that doesn't exist in your audience's mind yet. So you need to talk about your product a lot less and about the category a lot more."

"You really have to provide that level of value in my opinion. If you don't, then you just kind of get lost in the noise of search engine results, the myriad of blog posts that get shared on social media."

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