Aug. 25, 2022

Evolving your content marketing strategy w/ Scott Strickler

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Scott Strickler, Director of Marketing at ISG Technology, talks with Jeremy about evolving content marketing strategies.


  • How content fatigue plays a role in changing strategy 
  • Creating quality content over quantity
  • How to prepare for a shift in content strategy

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Memorable Quotes:

"Instead of sliding people to death, we are doing executive panel discussions and then it invites folks to ask questions  during the webinar so that they can be part of the conversation."

"Have a strategy, have some good partners to help you get that stuff done, and then once you get your marketing tech stack figured out, then you can kind of rock and roll with it."

"One of the things we do in our webinars is at the tail end there's an exit survey and we ask them, what other content would you like to hear from us? And so we use that to then drive what future webinars and topics and things that we're focused on as well."

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