July 19, 2022

How research enables hyper-targeting leads w/ Michelle King

Michelle King, Head of Marketing at Waracle, talks with Jeremy about the importance of research when hyper-targeting leads.


  • Strategies for "hyper-targeting" leads
  • Why hyper-targeting is effective
  • How to include a podcast in your marketing strategy

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Memorable Quotes:

"We need to look at who our kind of targets are within those industries and ensure that, you know, what we're putting in front of them is aligned to kind of their language, you know, the messaging that would relate to them and stuff like that. So I think it, it's not that kind of broad go to market wide scale kind of brand awareness. It's more niche."

"I think for me, the brand authenticity thing is key because people can see right through that. If you're not authentic and you're trying to be something you're not, it just doesn't work. People can't engage with it. They can't relate to it."

"Not everyone wants to just read a piece of content. You want something that's a bit more engaging and I think bringing the podcast brings that to the table."