Dec. 15, 2022

How to get the most value from guesting on podcasts w/ Nick Day

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Nick Day, VP of Sales & Marketing at Roundtable Learning, talks with Jeremy about the value of guesting on podcasts.


  • How to find podcasts that are a good fit for you 
  • How to pitch yourself as a podcast guest
  • Tips for preparing to be interviewed and deliver good content

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Memorable Quotes:

"Like anything you know, takes consistency, persistence to keep reaching out to folks and. One outreach with no outcome doesn't mean you stop you, you reach out to 'em again because you gotta imagine being on their side."

"So the idea is finding those very specific podcasts, reaching out and telling them stories of what we're doing with our partners, our customers, and seeing if that's something that would be valuable to their audience to learn about."

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