July 15, 2022

Planning a marketing campaign w/ Julie Fishman

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Julie Fishman, Director of Product Marketing at ShipHawk, talks with Jeremy about effectively planning a marketing campaign.


  • Creating and communicating your plan with time in mind
  • Why strong leadership is important in planning
  • What not to do when planning a marketing campaign 

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Memorable Quotes:

"That luxury of time, of even having an extra four or six weeks to really plan backwards, get the designers engaged and not have to turn everything into a fire drill at the last minute and really be ahead of the game is professionalizing and it's such a good feeling to know that you have all the pieces in place when you're really finally ready to ignite the campaign and go live."

"If I don't achieve my goals and get all the buy in that's necessary and the budget that's required to really get the kind of activity needed to get pipeline, then it's gonna look bad on me because there are gonna be KPIs that the organization is looking at and I'm not going to achieve them if I don't have buy in and I don't have a schedule that's reasonable."

"Part of it comes with visioning and dreaming. Like if we didn't have all these impediments, what would the best plan look like? What would we want to achieve? So it's starting to dream with, what do you want your end result to be? And then sitting together and saying, honestly, what does that really take to get there?"