Jan. 31, 2023

Proving the value of B2B content marketing w/ Lora Osborn

Lora Osborn, Director of Marketing at Sentera, talks with Jeremy about proving the value of B2B content marketing.


  • The problem with trying to tie marketing to revenue
  • How and why Lora built marketing attribution models and who she uses them
  • The value of anecdotal/qualitative data for marking a business case for marketing
  • Why it's so important for sales to understand and support what marketing is doing

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Memorable Quotes:

"Having sales support and believe in marketing is huge. We all know that sales likes to knock on our door and ask for more, we always don't have enough one pagers. if only they had that one video, they could have closed that deal, but being able to have that relationship, being able to get that feedback from them again, they're going to be your window into the market.

"I think it's great to be able to tie marketing back to revenue because right there you show the value. You show the impact that you're able to have on the organization, but it also leads to some challenges because like I said, you're leaving out the most important part. How are you getting people to your website? How are you getting people to your content? How are you capturing them? And then how are you nurturing them along the way to make sure that they are warm leads that you're handing over to sales?"

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