Aug. 17, 2022

Purpose-driven content w/ Don Polite

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Don Polite, Chief Marketing Officer at SKYGEN, talks with Jeremy about making purpose driven content.


  • How to produce purpose driven content
  • How making a moral case and a business case can go hand-in-hand
  • Ways to make your mission a part of content strategy

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Memorable Quotes:

"I'm on a big push for us to become purpose driven as an organization. I really believe we are. It's more about just making sure our messaging communicates that and that we support the appropriate sort of advocacy efforts that are out there around access to quality care."

"Consumers are looking for more than just sort of the tangible benefits of a product. They're looking to connect with companies who stand for something that they can resonate and relate to." 

"Getting a pulse on what's your purpose and articulating and elevating that and your branding and your messaging is kind of, to me, the starting point. And as you know, so many companies have recognized the importance of having a purpose and really articulating their purpose in their messaging."